Juventus Coaches - Training Camp 2019

      Luca                                Helmi               Antonio

      Juventus Coaches - Training Camp 2018

      Stefano Santona

      Raffaele Armaroli

      Nicola Zecchi

      Juventus Coaches - Training Camp 2017

      Masimilliano De Celis

      Marco Palmeri

       Marco Degortes

      Juventus coaches - Training Camp 2016

       Marcin Chociaj

       Carlo Mastellone

       Matteo Mercuri

      General Coordinators

      Zaileth Escorcha

      Mrs. Di Girolamo is a Computer Science Engineer who worked in the Oil & Gas Industry most of her career. She’s always been into the exercise environment. Her father worked for the YMCA for 46 years and he has always been a motivation in fitness for her. She is a certified Personal Trainer, she has certifications in Zumba, Tabata, TRX, Pole and Jumping Fitness. She enjoys participating in Sport Events with her family. She is a proud wife, and mother of two beautiful kids.

      Z Zone Studio is the crystallization of a dream for her.

      Coach Jhonny Di Girolamo

      Juventus Official Partner for Texas, USA and co-founder of Z Zone Fitness Studio. Electrical Engineer and Master Degree in Engineering at Texas Tech University. he has developed and organized several sport and athletic events; including Juventus Training Camps 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019, Training Experiences in Italy and Coach for the Juventus Academy Texas of the Juventus World Cup. Jhonny also has experience in Marketing and Business development. Last but not least, his passion for soccer and Juventus Methodology has motivated him to bring the Juve way and methodology to play soccer in the US. License D Certificate. Youth Coach since 2016.

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