Why futsal?

      What is Futsal: 

      • Futsal is a popular version of soccer played on a hard surface with a smaller and heavier ball 

      • Futsal is the first version of soccer played by kids in countries like Brazil and Spain 

      • Futsal is a major component of the development of stars like Neymar, Ronaldo, and Ronaldinho

      Why Futsal: 

      • Smaller playing field provides players more touches on the ball- a critical component of any player’s development 

      • More repetition of individual skills builds the player’s confidence on the ball 

      • It’s fun! Smaller numbers mean more chances to score goals!! 

      What is provided 

      • Improved Skills by the end of the 6-week session 

      • Curriculum centered around the 4 major technical areas 

        • TRAPPING 

        • PASSING 

        • DRIBBLING 

        • SHOOTING

      • All exercises promote these 4 areas and are organized in a fun manner so your player learns to fall in love with the ball! 

      • A player evaluation is provided at the end highlighting strengths and areas to improve on

      Our Futsal Clinics will be run by Coach Aldo Petrolino! Coach Aldo is a Brazilian former player at Corinthians Sport Club and he also has a C License with the USSF with an experience that goes from old USISL Reno Rattlers to Boys and Girls High School in Nevada. His soccer journey also includes a stint with the UNR women’s soccer program.


      Coach Aldo Petrolino
      Sessions 2020


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