Contact us on 050 117 0236, email to RAK@juventusacademy.ae, visit our website www.juventus.com/academyrak and follow us on Facebook (Juventus Academy RAK ) & Instagram (JAcademyRAK).




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      Marjan Island Resort & Spa

      Location: http://bit.do/JAcademyMarjanRAK (near Marjan Island)

      Monday, Wednesday & Saturday

      Under 6 & 8 from 5 PM to 6.15 PM

      Under 10, 12, 14 & 16 from 6.15 PM to 7.30 PM 

      For early or late joiners, the fee will be modified proportionally on the spot.

      The registrations can be done in: 
      • All the academies (by cash and cheques) during Academy timings only
      • Marjan Island Resort & Spa - Location: http://bit.do/JAcademyMarjanRAK only by appointment by credit card, cash and cheques from 10 am to 8.30 pm.  To fix the appointment call 050 117 0236. 

      In regards to the registration (limited spots available), kindly check the points below:

      - Fee will include most of the tournaments, friendly matches, assessment days and evaluations.

      - The above mentioned rates will not include the mandatory 2019/2020 Juventus academy / adidas kit (bag, shirts, short and socks) = 500 AED including VAT.

      - An extra charge of (+5%) will apply for PDCs.

      - You will have to read, fill in the form, sign and finalize the payment in order to be officially registered.

      On our website www.juventus.com/academyrak you will find all the info related to the our Juventus Academy Rak project, click HERE to give us your like on Facebook and follow us on Instagram (JAcademyRak).


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