Juventus HQ Elite program has been specialised to provide the opportunity for young footballers to gain the skills, discipline & worldy experience. It is here to offer every individual selected child the opportunity to maximise their full potential, in order to give them a pathway, stepping forward into playing at a professional level.

      What is Juventus HQ Elite Program?

      Juventus HQ Elite Program is an Elite youth football development program designed for players dedicated to the game of football, have aspirations of playing at the highest level. 

      Players within the Juventus HQ Elite Program immersed in a high performance soccer environment, with a high level, high tempo 12 month program with training focused on enhancing individual football skills to help each player reach their full potential.   

      Training is delivered by Juventus Academy coaches that follow the Juventus methodology and coaching techniques that will stretch the players to achieve optimum performance. 

      All this is conducted with the utmost respect for the needs of every single player.

      How do I become a Juventus HQ Elite player?   

      Positions within the Juventus HQ Elite Program is strickly limited and only offered by the Juventus Academy Melbourne Technical Director. Acceptance is based on two factors being a players footballing ability and mental approach to football.

      Technical excellence and skill with the ball is the foundation of an Elite player. Players are required to be decision makers and have the ability to solve problems. They must be able to succeed in adversity, and have self-confidence in their abilities.   

      Juventus HQ Elite is open to players between 8-13 years.

      All players must be registered with Brimbank Stallions Football Club.


      How does Juventus HQ Elite Program work?

      Players take part in 3 Juventus HQ Elite sessions per week with 2 regular sessions per week with their Brimbank Football Club team mates twice a week.   (All sessions run for 1 hour and a half) 

      Players receive instruction and attend discussions on nutrition, conditioning and game preparation which includes motivational aspects.  The three main areas of focus for this program are; technical, technique and physical.     


      Program sessions includes:

      • Technique (technical ability, skills)
      • First Touch
      • Playing out
      • Creativity, insight, awareness & vision
      • Decision making, cleverness, creativity & reading the game
      • Handling speed
      • Communication
      • Tempo change
      • Leadership
      • Structure of football
      • Ball possession
      • transitioning & opponents
      • General match play

      There will also be a weekly training session dedicated to yoga.


      Juventus HQ Elite experiences:

      Juventus HQ Elite program provides experiences in order to further develop our players. 

      This includes the possibility to participate in international competitions such as the Juventus Academy World Cup which is held in June each year in Turin Italy.

      The main objective of these experiences is to provide our players with the opportunities to deal with professional players from all over the world.  These situations test their skills and increase their wealth of experiences which makes them better prepared for later life.


      About the project

      Juventus Academy Year-Round Training is the annual program designed to share and develop the values and methods synonymous with Juventus beyond the Italian border.

      The values

      On the pitch, the youngsters are given a solid grounding in sport and football, working to a method that teaches them key values such as dedication, fun and professionalism and enables them to develop both on and off the field of play.

      The technical factor

      Qualified coaches based in Turin provide constant support to projects with periodic visits to ensure that the standards of the Juventus Academy project are upheld.



      An incredible experience with the Juventus Coaches, who will assest every individual player. They will gain the skills to learn how to read the game and use all learned techniques to better their game. 

      All training session are personalized around the player's ability.The program will then further develop the overall player.

      We also offer specialized training to suite any specific request/concerns.


      $60 each sessions of one on one


      10 Sessions for $400 of one on one


      2 to 4 players $45 each player

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